Ohio Health Choice Payers - (Revised 4/1/2016)

Name Website Phone Number
Allied National www.alliednational.com 800-825-7531
Ameraplan, Inc. www.ameraplan.com 800-221-4254
American National Insurance www.anico.com 800-899-6808
American Trust Administrators Inc. www.ataamerica.com 913-451-4900
Apex Benefits Services www.apex-benefits.com 330-996-8410
ARM LTD www.altrisk.com 800-392-1770
Aultra Administrative Group www.aultragroup.com 855-270-8497
Automated Benefit Services www.abs-tpa.com 800-521-1321
Avalon Benefit Services www.avalonbenefits.com 800-820-4516
Benefit Administrative Systems LTD www.benadmsys.com 708-799-7400
Benefit Assistance Corp www.bacwv.com 800-982-7838
Benefit Concepts Inc www.benefitconcepts.com 800-883-2000
Benicomp Inc www.benicomp.com 800-377-7400
Benovation www.my-benovation.com 513-872-7505
Business Administrators and Consultants www.bactpa.com 800-521-2654
Commercial Travelers Mutual Insurance Company www.commercialtravelers.com 800-422-6200
Comprehensive Benefit Consultants www.cbcconsulting.com 800-231-7269
Cooperative Benefit Administrators / NRECA www.nreca.coop 866-673-2299
Coresource Inc www.coresource.com 800-282-3920
Cornerstone Benefits Administrator Inc www.cornerstoneadmin.com 800-550-4115
Corportate Benefit Services Inc www.corben.com 800-277-9476
Covenant Services Group www.covenantservicesgroup.com 800-680-8728
Custom Design Benefits Inc www.customdesignbenefits.com 513-598-2929
Cypress Benefit Administrators www.cypressbenefit.com 920-968-4613
E S Beveridge and Associates Inc www.esbeveridge.com 800-441-3961
Employee Benefit Management Corp www.ebmconline.com 877-827-2770
Employee Benefit Services www.ebscenter.com 800-310-6645
Employee Plans LLC www.employeeplansllc.com 260-625-7470
Enterprise Group Planning, Inc www.egp-inc.com 800-229-2210
Fiserv Health www.fiserv.com 615-360-4563
FMH Benefits Services www.f-m-h.com 800-990-9058
Health Design Plus www.hdplus.com 330-656-1072
HealthEZ www.healthez.com 952-896-1200
Health Plan Administrators LLC www.hpa-tpa.com 877-213-8340
Health Scope www.www.healthscopebenefits.com 800-972-3025
HealthSmart www.healthsmart.com 800-334-8936
Hewitt, Coleman & Associates, Inc www.hewittcoleman.com 888-298-6828
Hometown Health Network www.healthplan.org 330-837-6880
InHealth Mutual www.inhealthohio.org 866-982-5644
Integra Employer Health www.www.integrahealth.com 888-906-4653
JFP Benefit Management Inc www.jfpbenefitmanagement.com 800-589-7660
JP Farley Corporation www.jpfarley.com 800-634-0173
Kappa Benefit Services Inc Website under construction 800-783-5126
Key Benefit Administrators kba.keyfamily.com 800-331-4757
Maksin www.maksin.com 888-622-6001
MedCost Benefit Services www.medcost.com 336-760-3090
Medical Benefit Administrators www.medben.com 800-686-8425
Medical Benefits Mutual Life Insurance www.medben.com 800-686-8425
Meritain www.meritain.com 800-748-0003
Midwest Security Administrators www.umr.com 800-236-2515
Mutual Health Services www.mutualhealthservices.com 800-367-3762
National Foundation Life Insurance Company www.ushealthgroup.com 800-387-9027
NFP Benefit Alliance www.nfp.com 419-213-4531
NGS American Incorporated www.ngs.com 586-779-7676
Northwest Ohio Health Partnership www.nwohp.org 800-554-0027
OSU Health Plan www.osuhealthplan.com 800-678-6269
P5 Electronic Health Services www.p5health.com 800-551-4049
Paramount Insurance Company www.paramountinsurancecompany.com 866-452-6128
Planned Administrators Inc www.paisc.com 800-768-4375
Preferred One Administrative Services www.preferredone.com 800-997-1750
Pro Claim Plus Inc www.proclaimplus.com 800-551-7334
Professional Benefit Administrators, Inc www.pbaclaims.com 630-655-3755
Quality Care Partners www.qualitycarepartners.com 888-258-7621
Self Funded Plans Inc www.sfpi.com 800-722-7374
SISCO www.siscobenefits.com/ 800-457-4726
Summacare Inc www.summacare.com 330-996-8444
UltraBenefits www.ultrabenefits.com 866-858-7223
University of Akron Student Athlete Plan www.uakron.edu 330-972-6280
US Health and Life Insurance Company www.ushealthandlife.com 800-211-1538

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