As employees of Ohio Health Choice, our mission is to be a leader in the managed healthcare industry. Such leadership emerges through the development of innovative solutions to facilitate access to, and the delivery of, quality cost-effective healthcare. We recognize the value and contributions of all whom we serve and are dedicated to a philosophy of individual respect and excellence in service.

Ohio Health Choice is distinguished from other managed care entities by our dedication to the healing ministry and philosophy of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine Health System with its added dimension of Christian concern in the pursuit of our goals.

Our goals are aggressive and realistic. We are strongly committed to achieving all our goals. We use change to assist us to execute our strategies and monitor the evolving healthcare environment.

  • FINANCIAL RETURN - To achieve a positive financial return in order to generate additional working capital to enable the organization to grow and fulfill its mission.
  • LEADERSHIP - To be leaders in the managed healthcare industry through the promotion of cost-effective access to necessary healthcare services.
  • GROWTH - We seek to consistently expand enrollment for Ohio Health Choice services in all geographic regions, while maintaining emphasis in utilizing the services of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine Health System.
  • INNOVATION - We constantly explore ways to enhance existing products and develop new, complimentary products that respond to the needs of our participants and the changing healthcare environment.
  • SERVICE - We strive to provide excellent customer service by treating all participants with respect, professionalism, and courtesy; and by being knowledgeable regarding Ohio Health Choice and its affiliates.
  • QUALITY - Ohio Health Choice is committed to continuous quality improvement of all services and operations at all levels within the organization.

We, the employees of Ohio Health Choice, set it apart. We want our values to be understood and embraced by all employees. Our values dictate our decisions. They cause us to be different and to succeed.

  • RESPECT - For all people. We treat people as we would like them to treat us.
  • INTEGRITY - We revere truth, adhere to high ethical standards, report all news good or bad, and admit when we don't know or make mistakes.
  • SERVICE - Customers are the reason we exist. We focus on customers, and try to understand and respond to their needs and concerns. We exist to provide assistance to our customers.
  • EXCELLENCE - Dedication to doing better than we have done before.

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